Launch Kontrol Firing Systems

We have a great range of firing systems available, both wired and wireless.

LK Pro Wireless

The brand new wireless firing system coming soon!

– XBee-PRO Zigbee S2C 2.4 GHz wireless Bi directional network communication CE and FCC approved
– AES encryption for hardware and comms.
– Real time graphic LCD screen on modules and controller
– Internal Li-ion rechargeable 3.7v battery for up to 36 hours stand by time
– Optional second Li-ion for modules for up to 100 hours standby time
– External 5 V power bank can be utilised via mini USB charging point for infinite operating time
– 16v firing output
– 24 cues per module
– 24 modules per remote, expandable to 199 for 4776 unique cues
– Back lit controller with active command buttons only illuminated.
– Internal MP3 player
– Remote firmware update by micro SD card
– Standard RJ45 connection to rails

Firing Methods

Manual – Single Cue, Step fire, Multiple Cues
Semi Auto – Single sequences, multiple sequences

Controller  £145.83 + VAT
Module £145.83 + VAT


LK Pulse

4 cue, hardwired firing system

Launch Kontrol Pulse is the simplest and most cost-effective way to ignite fireworks. It is a wired system with an arming / continuity button and four firing channels. Igniters are connected via a CAT5 interface on the board. This reliable connection method means you can use Launch Kontrol Pulse in the rain, snow, freezing temperatures and even extend the cable and fire it from inside you home. It’s a simple but very effective system.

– Safe remote ignition of your fireworks*
– Simple, widely available, easily swappable power-source (alkaline 9v battery)**
– CAT5 connection adapter allows the range to be easily and reliably extended up to 75 feet
– Boards can be linked together to expand into a firing system with multiple cues***
– Reusable cables save money and reduce environmental impact (only the clip needs to be thrown away)

Recommended for use with Launch Kontrol Pulse Clips.

LK Pro Training and Extras

One to One training session at our base – £28 per hour + VAT

Training at your own site – £200 a day + VAT + Travelling